About Us

We drive results by taking a holistic approach to achieve an agile digital transformation. There is a big difference between Being agile and Doing Agile. The real benefits of using Lean and Agile is only reaped by any organization when these are applied appropriately for your organization. Further, what will be the best solution today may need to adapt tomorrow to respond to changing conditions. This requires a continuous evolutionary approach, which our experts help you implement within the DNA of your company.

We partner and deliver certification courses and training from globally leading certification bodies, including ICAgile, Scrum Alliance, and SAFe®. These certifications help us deliver the right training solutions incorporating Scrum values and Agile Principles, to move your teams or your own career forward.

We help leaders, managers, and teams within Enterprises develop the right skills with our bespoke training programmes, for mastering agility as a competitive advantage. This enables them to drive continuous improvement across all business units and customer value creation and move ahead in their Agile maturity.

All in all it results in better products, engaged and motivated teams, and adaptive and progressive digital transformation supported by future ways of working.

Meet The Team

Bhavna Tandon

Bhavna is an Agile Coach and Consultant with over a decade of experience in advisory, corporate finance, IT assurance, and operations at Big 4 and within the industry in the UK and India. She has recently been the CEO of a start-up where she implemented agile practices within HR, Marketing, and Product teams.

Bhavna is a SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) and authorized instructor for ICAgile Agility in HR (ICP-AHR), Agility in Marketing (ICP-MKG), and Business Agility Foundations (ICP – BAF) training courses. She provides training for agile transformation to corporate, public, and private batches, as well as consulting for enterprise agile transformation.

Sagar Jivani

Sagar is an HR Agile Coach & Business Agility Consultant with over a decade of experience in HR functions at small and large multinational corporations. He has been running an HR consulting firm for the last few years, focusing on leveraging agile methods to increase business efficiency.

Sagar is an authorized instructor for ICAgile Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) and Business Agility Foundations (ICP – BAF) training courses. He has considerable experience in coaching and training on applying agile practices for his clients, primarily HR departments. He also provides consulting for HR for Agile and Agile for HR transformation to corporates.