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Do you live in France in cities like Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Marseille, and Bordeaux, and want to do Agility in HR certification from your convenient place? Read this detailed guide to know how you earn ICAgile Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) certification by joining the upcoming online training.

Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) Training and Certification in France

Do you live in France and would want to earn your Agility in HR certification while lounging at your house or place of business? You’ve found it! We’ll walk you through the process of completing the online training required to obtain the ICAgile Agility in Human Resources certification in this detailed guide.

Agility in HR training in France

This is a groundbreaking strategy that transforms HR procedures by implementing agile ideas. This methodology focuses on making the individuals who do it more flexible, team workers, and reactive. This helps HR professionals handle the changing needs of today’s workplaces.

Agility in HR means using agile techniques, like in software development or project management. This helps HR departments improve how to engage their employees to adapt quickly to changes and bring much value to the company.

How Can I Get Certified and Take an Online Agility in HR Course in France?

We provide LIVE ONLINE courses through Valuex2 for professionals in France who wish to pursue online Agility in HR certification and training. These courses are available from any location in France, including the following cities:

Paris  Lyon Marseille
Toulouse Nice Bordeaux
Nantes Lille Renes

Why Should You Consider Valuex2?

The following are strong arguments for selecting Valuex2 for your Agility in HR certification and training in France:

  • High-quality instruction: Professionals with a wealth of knowledge in HR Agile techniques oversee our classes.
  • Flexible Learning: Professionals around France may receive top-notch training from the comfort of their homes or offices thanks to our online platform.
  • Extensive Curriculum: Our course covers every facet of HR agility, giving you the know-how and abilities you need to succeed in your HR position.
  • Global Recognition: The ICAgile Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) certification is accepted worldwide, increasing your professional credibility outside of France.

You are selecting excellence in Agile HR training when you select Valuex2.

Who Should Aim for HR Certification Agility?

Professionals in a variety of fields can benefit from earning the Agility in HR certification, including:

  1. HR managers: Apply the principles of Agile to improve your HR management abilities.
  2. HR Business Partners: Acquire the knowledge to match business objectives with HR strategy.
  3. Agile Coaches: Expand your coaching toolkit by including Agile HR knowledge.
  4. Agents of Change: Spearhead the transformation of HR inside your company.
  5. HR consultants: Provide your clients with insightful information about Agile HR.
  6. Those who want to use Agile practices to grow in their HR job will find this certification useful and adaptable.

Details of Training and Fees

Here are the key details if you’re prepared to start your Agile HR journey in France:

Upcoming Training Dates Timings Certification Fee
 17-19 January (3-day – 5-hours/day) 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM GMT




30-31 January (2-day – 8-hours/day)


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT




1-2 February (2-day – 8-hours/day) 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT




Enrol in our extensive training program to obtain your ICAgile Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) certification and a thorough understanding of Agile HR methods.

To secure your spot in the upcoming live online Agility in HR certification course. This is the training and certification course for those interested in agility in HR.

Regarding the HR Trainer’s Agility

Sagar Jivani has over ten years of practical experience in HR roles in small and major international businesses. He is a renowned HR Agile Coach and Business Agility Consultant. Having led HR consulting projects effectively, he is an expert at using Agile techniques to maximize corporate productivity.

Sagar has earned the esteemed distinction of being a certified instructor for the Business Agility Foundations (ICP – BAF) and ICAgile Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) training programs. His vast background includes mentoring and training using Agile principles, mostly in HR divisions. Additionally, Sagar offers insightful HR consulting services for Agile and Agile for HR changes in business environments. has a track record of providing successful training programs, and Sagar Jivani’s experience raises the calibre and efficacy of our Agility in HR training even further.

Enrol in our Agility in HR training and certification program to apply Agile principles to HR processes and revolutionize HR in France. View all of the Agility and Scrum training schedules offered by here!

Agility HR Certification and Training: FAQs

Q. How much of a pay boost may professionals anticipate upon passing the Agility in HR certification and training course?

A: Depending on experience, geography, and the particular firm, a pay boost following Agility in HR training may differ. Earning potential can increase significantly for professionals who obtain the ICAgile Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) certification. For instance, following certification, several HR managers have received pay increases of 20% or higher.

Q. Is this training appropriate for HR professionals at every point in their careers?

A: HR professionals at all career levels are intended to benefit from Agility in HR training. Whether you’re an experienced HR manager or getting started in the field, this training can enhance your skills and open up new career opportunities.

Q. Can I enrol in this course if I intend to work in France but am not presently residing there?

A: Definitely! Although the course is intended for HR professionals in France, anyone can enrol from anywhere in the world. If your goal is to work in France or anyplace else, this training will be a great asset because the concepts and abilities you acquire are transferable to any continent.

Q. What is the duration required to finish the Agility in HR training course?

A: The training course normally lasts two to four days, as the article previously said. These training sessions are an effective approach to learning Agile HR since they are jam-packed with in-depth information and practical experience.

Q. The ICAgile Agility in HR certification is accepted globally, right?

A: Yes, the ICAgile Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) credential is accepted and recognized worldwide. This important certification proves your expertise in Agile HR techniques and makes you a highly sought-after HR specialist in France and worldwide.

These frequently asked questions and their responses should give you useful information and assist in answering your typical questions about Agility in HR certification and training in France. Come along and use Agile principles to advance your HR career!


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