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Is Scrum Master certification worth it? If that’s what you are wondering, read this post to understand everything about a Scrum Master, his values, and why should you do a Scrum Master certification.

Is it worth doing a Scrum Master Certification?

Scrum is an agile working system that allows your team to work in sprints as they aim to complete considerably small amounts of work, leading to completing the final project. This Agile system is used more often for developing complex projects in software development. Although it is highly collaborative and efficient, the results from the team will highly depend on the Scrum Master.

Who is a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master is a guide and a coach whose task is to ensure that the Scrum team understands the Scrum method and all its practices, value, and principles. His duty in a team is to facilitate conversation between the team members. It will help in conflict resolution among the members and therefore improves collaboration.

In addition, a Scrum Master has to manage impediments which will help the team focus solely on the tasks given. A Scrum Master must continuously coach the team towards self-management to help reduce time wastage and maximize output.

Values of a Scrum Master

“The successful use of Scrum depends on people becoming more proficient in living these values,” according to the Scrum Guide. The design of the Scrum framework was to have the ability to adapt quickly and to change in scope. It makes these values crucial for a Scrum Master if the Scrum has to succeed.

Let’s look keenly at each of them and know what it takes to be a Scrum Master.

The Image below illustrates the five pillars of a Great Scrum Master

Is it worth doing a Scrum Master Certification?


For a great Scrum Master, they must have courage as an element. He must have the courage to create favourable conditions for difficult conversations between the team, the product owner, and the stakeholders. As it is his responsibility to remove obstacles for the team to work smoothly, he must be fearless.


As the leader of the Scrum team, a great master must possess respect. He must enforce respect in the team for effective communication and collaboration between each other. He should be able to share the success and failures of the teams without blaming each other. By having respect, he should trust that his team will be able to accomplish the tasks given. Respect also means listening to the team’s ideas and recognizing their achievements.


The Scrum Master should encourage openness in the team. He should be able to deliver constructive feedback from the stakeholders and inform the team without withholding anything back. Giving an honest daily review of the Scrum splits is essential to success.


As the Scrum Guide entails, “Everyone should focus on the goal of the sprint and the work of the Scrum team.”

The Scrum Master should keep the Scrum team aligned with their goals. He should be the one to constantly remind and encourage the team toward the completion of the split. He should focus on the bigger picture and what he wants to achieve as his final product.


The Scrum Master is the one to lead a team of Scrum in carrying out a task that might change anytime. Although the projects might not be a matter of life and death, they are crucial to the team’s final output. It means that the Master has to show sheer commitment to achieving the goal. He has to have his eyes fixed on the prize and always encourage the team to strive for a common goal.

Scrum Master Certification

Taking a SAFe Scrum Master(SSM) Certification training is essential to success in the field. You might have THE VALUES OF A Scrum Master, but the course teaches you the tactical skills required for effectiveness. It guides you on the appropriate tools for working in extreme environments with a disturbed team. These skills will help you lead a successful Agile and Scrum team.

Why pursue a Certification as a Scrum Master?

If you are still confused and think is Scrum Master certification worth it? Here’re the reasons why you must do a Scrum Master certification:

  1. It helps create a striking Resume – When getting a job, it is always important to show the employer that you have what it takes to take on the role. It is no different. Having a Scrum Master Certificate on your Resume will show your employer that you have taken the steps necessary to become a perfect choice for the position.
  2. Improves your risk Assessment Skills – In the Scrum approach, you learn to analyze events and make risk assessments on possible outcomes. It will help you detect various problems before they can even occur. Therefore, this skill will help you save a lot of budget and time.
  3.  Strengthens your team’s effectiveness –  The Scrum Master Certification comes with the skill to work with a Scrum team efficiently and effectively. It will aid in achieving the intended goals.
  4.  It Prepares you for further career advancement –  Being a Certified Scrum Master can for sure expand the scope of your career opportunities. The certificate makes you more relevant in the field, and therefore you will be able to stand out in the competition. It fits you with the skills required to contribute to the change of the organization and goal achievement.

Final Thoughts

Getting certified as a scrum master might seem a hard nut to crack. Therefore it comes to your personal goals and what you want to achieve. The current ratio of Scrum Master to Scrum team should be 1:1. Do you have the skills to lead one of those teams? If yes, why not commence with your course for Scrum Master certification?  


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